Joseph Wright of Derby – A View Near Tivoli C. 1783-86

Italian Landscape – A View Near Tivoli by Joseph Wright of Derby came to the studio following an accidental damage whilst on loan. The painting had received an impact from behind which resulted in quite a complicated tear that had become further distorted during the time between the incident and the paintings conservation. The broken edges of the canvas and paint layer didn’t align in many areas and were therefore overlapping in others. A series of moisture treatment techniques and slight traction methods were used to slowly adjust the tear over a period of time. The tear was brought back into perfect alignment and mended from the reverse. Due to its complex shape and the stresses the fracture had put on the canvas it was decided that the painting would benefit from an auxiliary support; and so it was glue paste lined by Richard Watkiss. The images below document the stages of the paintings restoration.

After Conservation